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About Designer - Mo Bacchus


The brand Mo Bacchus was born 2006.  Mo made bags from her kitchen table and sold them from a stand at Portobello Green Market.  This progressed to being stocked in boutiques in London and stocked in internationally boutiques.The brand has many press features and also show cast in London, Paris and New York.

Let's go back just before Portobello.  She was a retired dancer, a mum, a business graduate working in the city, after going back to study as a mature student.  She had also just completed a 2 year C&G in fashion.  She made a bag as part of a course work brief and became obsessed with making bags, which she gave away as presents and her friends let her know how many compliments they would get. She decided to make more little cloth bags to sell to raise to money for shoes  she wanted to buy way outside her budget (Prada shoes). One friend ordered her to take the bags to Portobello Market and sell the bags there. Another friend held her hand and off she went and sold the bags. Nearly all of the bags sold.

In those early years there were many learning curbs for which she is grateful. Mo is self taught in crafting handbags. Took a few courses and has be given tips and advice from other leather craft makers.

Mo was taught to sew at a young age by her grandmother, who came from nothing to become a successful atelier, bought land and was able to send her mother to private school. Her mother who was an academic made clothes and did upholstery to such a high standard for her family.

All three women loved/love quality clothes and map/mapped their way through the world with a great attention to stylish expression. These two women are a big part of Mo's inspiration and spending a year in Italy in her late teens. 

Her mother and grandmother unknowingly, taught Mo through that creating, you make things possible with your imagination. 

She always seeks to empower other women.